Category Breakdown

What the Elite Character Profile Measures

The Elite Character Profile is a general indicator of the individual's ability to refrain from participating in counterproductive behaviors by being trustworthy, drug-free, non-violent and compliant. This battery is appropriate for most jobs.

Candidness of the Elite Character Profile Results

This Profile includes a candidness check to determine the degree to which the individual may have exaggerated his/her responses in order to present themselves more favorably. The results of this validity check with interpretation is presented on the following page.

Interpreting the Elite Character Profile

The following page also presents the Total Score Summary and Total Score Interpretation. This is followed by the Score Profile. The Score Profile includes the scores for all of the scales. The scores are presented in terms of percentiles. The percentile indicates how the candidate scored relative to all other individuals who have taken the assessment. For example, if a candidate's score on a particular scale shows as the 75th percentile, this indicates he/she scored better than 75% of all other people who have completed that scale.

The pages that follow the Score Profile provide detailed interpretations for each of the scales, as well as, management strategies and follow-up interview questions one can ask the candidate to obtain more insight with respect to areas needing development.

The areas assessed by this Profile are:

Breakdown of Measured Categories


Total Score Interpretation

This candidate's total Elite Character Profile score falls within the High range. This candidate is not likely to engage in negative or counterproductive behaviors as defined by the scales included in this profile. Integrity and character as defined here is an area of strength for this individual. Review individual scale details to better understand strengths and potential shortcomings.

Score Validity

Candidness: Low - The candidate may be attempting to make him/herself look good by answering the questions in a socially desirable manner. Follow-up interview questions are recommended, particularly for those individuals who scored high on the Positive Attitude Profile scales.

Score Profile
Percentile by Question Type

The bar graph above shows the candidate's score pattern across all the dimensions assessed by this profile. The pages that follow offer detailed insight into each dimension score.

Detailed Category Breakdown

Score Details

Drug Free Attitudes measures the degree to which the individual is likely to be free of illegal drug use related problems that will affect his/her work. This characteristic is important for most jobs, but especially those involving the use a machinery or equipment where the safety of the employee and coworkers could be at risk. Robin Price scored in the 94th percentile on Drug Free Attitudes (High), meaning Robin scored better than 94 percent of other candidates who have completed this assessment.

Percentile Graph by Question Type
Strength of Candidate's Responses

The graphic below shows the candidate's response pattern for the Drug Free Attitudes behavioral dimension. This illustration is useful for assessing the strength of the candidate's attitudes and behaviors associated with Drug Free Attitudes.

Response Pattern
Expected Job Behaviors
This individual is not likely to have illegal drug use problems that will affect his or her work.
He/she has strict attitudes against the use of illegal drugs in the workplace.

Management Strategies

This section of the report offers suggestions for developing or managing the candidate based on his/her Profile responses. The diagram below also offers a graphical representation of the areas covered by the Profile. The smaller the area, the more coaching/development might be required.

Percentile of Answers by Question Type

Given his/her responsible nature, he/she may have low tolerance for those who do not behave responsibly.

This individual takes responsibility for his/her behavior and expects those around them to do the same. When he/she exhibits responsible and dependable behaviors he/she should be praised to show appreciation.

Some coaching may be required to increase tolerance levels if he/she is expected to work with less dependable team members.

When appropriate increase levels of responsibility to show your confidence in his/her ability to perform.

Interview Guide

This report includes follow-up interview questions that focus on those areas where further development might be needed. These questions serve as an excellent guide during the hiring process, coaching or developmental efforts to further uncover potentially negative behavioral tendencies.

Drug Free Attitudes

The candidate responded positively to all questions in this scale, therefore follow-up questions are not provided for this dimension.

Non-Violent Attitudes


Would you consider most people to be violent and likely to resort to violence if pushed too far? Have you been pushed to the point where you had to resort to some form of violence? Please describe the situation.

Response Scale